Encouraging STEM Education

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STEM education is ever evolving in the classroom and the robotics movement nationwide aims to add fun and creativity into the mix.

Education has changed enough in the past few years that we all know how little we can predict what it will look like in five or ten. We do know that we can expect many of the technologies that are starting to trickle into classrooms now to become more affordable and potentially become larger components in everyday education.

We can also anticipate that distance learning will only become more prominent in years to come. As people become used to doing more of life’s activities all online, the switch to taking classes online or being taught by someone in another state or country will only come to feel more natural. Robots like those being used in the example above may help this transition along, while also helping to humanize the increasingly digital and remote classroom experience (yes, a robot in human form, potentially carrying around a human face on a tablet counts as “humanizing” the experience)

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