• Going the extra mile to make our communities a better place

    Leap strives to be a responsible member of the community through our Leap Gives Program.


What Leap Gives?

Leap Robots strives to be a duty bounded and engaged community member through collaborating with local non-profits to recognize the needs of those in our communities. The Leap Gives program exists to promote community engagement among Leap team members and goes to the extra mile on the side of excellence and making the world a better place by volunteering with local non-profits and non-profit clients.

Non-Profit Workshops

We understand the importance of Education  for non-profits and will offer competitive Robotics training along with workshops in their Schools/ Organization . Are you a non-profit and interested in processing with us? Reach out to the email below.

Go Green

Annually, our Go Green program allows each team member to be a part of planting trees. We encourage our customers to use billing without paper.

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We are extremely passionate to help our communities in possible ways, by contributing to various causes. We organize a corporate event every month with our non-profit clients and excited to overhear new participation in this event.

Come On! Join Us and we want to hear from you, and to know more about Leap Gives Program get a hold of us at info@leaprobots.com or call us at +918074143384

Some of our favorite Leap Gives moments

Robotics4all.com – NGO

As a non-profit, we strive to provide robotics to everyone. Partnering up with Leap Robots, we will teach a course using coding and BOOYAKA DIY  mobile Robots to solve everyday problems. Not only will this help you learn about robotics, but also improve your problem-solving skills. In this course, you will learn to code and understand the basics of Arduino.


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