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Advanced robotics for teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts through robotics

  • Educational robot kit for students for middle school students.
  • Programmable controller embedded with down-loader
  • Brightly colored pieces made of non-toxic plastic.
  • Study compile GUI computer programmed with the motherboard on software.
  • Different models with different functions and there are at 10 different models in one kit.
  • Encourage children to take interest in science and robotics, Learn how to assemble different robot building model
Product Price ₹25,000.00
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Weight: 3 kg

Product Description

This robot kit is great for helping students to learn robotics.These kits are helpful in teaching essential STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts. Step by step and systematic building instructions are provided for these Booyaka educational robot kits. You can make 15 different models with this robot building kit. Some of the kits include- soccer, little car and dump truck. Robot building kits are a great way to get kids interested in robotics and science. The plastic used in these kits is non-toxic and safe for children. This product is suitable for students 5th standard and above.

3 chapters(build 10 robots each level)
Nontoxic Plastic Building blocks.
Robo-Brain (per-programmed+ programmable)
6V battery case
Geared DC motors
Servo Motor
IR, touch, Cds, MIC sensors/ speaker,buzzer, LED
IR remote controller. USB downloader
GUI software (compiler)

Product Features

Color Blue
Weight 2 lbs
Size Big