Research & Development

A better robot lives in the world by traveling in its environment more intelligently and effectively, through cooperating with the people. The serving of robot is compelling, and physical interaction made a way to step into the next level of future innovation.

Cloud Robotics

Connectivity and Cloud services becoming vital as they leverage additional computational resources and capabilities. Cloud Robotics refers to cloud-based sharing services that solve robotic challenges and enhance robotic capabilities. By using the power of off-board computing and storage, the possibility of developing algorithms aids object recognition, post-processing and storing large maps, and sharing data/maps between multiple robots operating in the same environment.

Smart Dairy Automation

This is to enhance the dairy system in India and increase milk production. It’s our vision to set up small dairy forms in villages to save the “era of Farmers”.  We know the fact that Dairy does not continue as a generation in business. Engineers need attention to bring technology in order to reduce man power and grow dairy to improve production to make India wealthy and healthy.

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