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BOOYAKA 2.0 (IOT starter kit)

The Booyaka 2.0 is an Internet of Things (IOT) starter kit. Booyaka 2.0 is used to develop prototype projects. Contrarily, the Booyaka 2.0 supports real-time projects.



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The Booyaka 2.0 is an Internet of Things (IOT) starter kit which includes all the elements required to collect sensor data, connect to wifi and bluetooth, and utilize various cloud services for manaagement storage and analytics of a connected IOT device.

Why Engineers use Booyaka for IOT ?

  • Write uses of starter experince with booyaka.
  • The programming used is Basic Embedded C.
  • The division of analog and digital pins makes it simple to use.
  • Easy to use and flexible to build.
  • The board is compatible with multiple environments and various components.
  • The kit can be used to develop Robotic or IOT based projects.
  • Flexible addon’s for advanced levels.


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